Yeah, we know. It’s boring at the moment. Really, nothing is happening in the presidential race. It’s like watching static. The polls usually create some excitement, but those, too, have been fairly uneventful. Romney and Obama are still very close to each other when you look at the average scores and dismiss the results of biased pollsters like NBC/New York Times (Democrat) and Rasmussen (Republican). And we have to wait until August before the conventions take place.

So, what do we do in the meantime? Well, it’s clear from our traffic stats that our readers are still very much interested in the story of Seamus, Mitt Romney’s family dog. So you can always re-read that story here. Also, we are quite sure that Mitt Romney is busily looking at who to choose as his running mate. Many names have passed in the press in recent weeks, but this might be a good moment to revisit our shortlist of likely running mates (our favorite is still Nikki Haley,South Carolina’s governor).

Rick Santorum is mostly focusing on getting rid of his debts these days. After all, running for a president is worse for your wallet than having a shopaholic wife and seven children, and Rick reportedly has about one million dollars in debt, which is not too shabby when comparing it with other failed presidential campaigns of the past. So don’t worry: Rick Santorum won’t have to sell off his house and his dogs and start living in an Obamaville under a highway fly-over. Rather, he’ll just go back to being a family man again (the little girl on the picture is his daughter Bella, not some random kid he got pushed into his hands by a campaign volunteer in Backwater, Nebraska).

You might wonder: how are Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich doing, since they haven’t dropped out officially yet? To start with Newt: he is anxiously trying to get the endorsement of Rick Santorum, but so far Rick remains fully uncommitted (he has also declined to back Romney). Another issue for Newt is that he is now under fire for still having Secret Service protection because of his presidential campaign. An anti-tax group is now saying that Newt should quit: he stands no chance, so why should American tax payers still pay for Newt’s protection? Not very good PR for a self-named fiscal conservative. Also, he was bitten by a penguin (REALLY!):

But if you think that Newt is having a somewhat rought time, consider Ron Paul’s latest stunt to get elected: his supporters are developing a video game based on Super Mario. We’re not kidding:


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