The wars on womens

We must be honest: we were panicking a bit earlier this week. As Rick Santorum made his shock announcement that he would drop out of the Republican race, we quickly realised that this was the end of that same Republican race, since Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have been dead man walking for weeks (if not months) already. No more Rocking The Vest, no more Game On, no more Obamaville. So many different thoughts scrambled around in our heads. What are we supposed to write about now until the party conventions this summer? Do we have to start taking Mitt Romney serious now? Why does Newt Gingrich look like Mr. Potatohead? And so on.
But thank God, we haven’t been left completely bereft of entertainment. After all, even though Mitt Romney might now be focusing fully on Barack Obama, that doesn’t mean that the Mittster has all of a sudden become a communications wonder. Nope, Mitt is still out there making an ass out of himself. Our favorite episode of the past week was when Mitt Romney accused Obama of waging a “war on women”. Mitt has a lot of smart people in his team, and some of those smart people are very smart statistic readers and they found out that of all the people who lost their jobs in the recession, 92 percent were women. And since Barack Obama fired every single one of them personally (right, Mitt?), that means a war on women in Romney’s overdramatic vocabulary. Watch:
So, it seems like Mitt might be on to something here. Or? Look closer, as The Atlantic has done, and it turns out that of those 92 percent women that lost their jobs, 64 percent were working for the government. And where did government jobs predominantly disappear? That’s right, in states run by Republican governors (Rick Perry’s Texas alone was responsible for a third of all job cuts). So the real axe was wielded by Republicans, and not by Obama. Eat that, Romney. Besides, what Romney can do, liberals can do better. With a bit of spin and editing, all of a sudden Romney is the one waging war on women, as this ad from Renew America shows:
Not that Team Obama is leaving stones unturned though. The other day, they released this two-minute video with the sarcastic title “Mitt Romney: Memories To Last A Lifetime.” The video does contain some of Mitt’s women-unfriendly statements, but seems mostly inspired by the famous Etch-a-sketch comment by one of Romney’s PR advisers: once the Republican nomination race is over, Romney’s plan is to drop his overly conservative viewpoints and move towards the centre of the political spectrum again. Team Obama is intent on making sure that Romney can’t do that, by reminding everyone of the statements he made over the past few months.

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